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Q. It is recommend to book your car well in advance to be sure of it being available for your day?

Summer weddings are our busiest period. For this we would recommend booking a year in advance.

Q. How long will you have the car for on the day?

This will depend on what you require the car for. We have two options.

A to B Wedding:

This is for people who are getting married at the same venue as their reception For this you shall have the car for up to two hours. For more details please see our terms and conditions on our service page.

Full Wedding:

This is for people who are getting married in a different location to their reception and require the car for two journeys. For this you shall have the car for up to four hours. For more details please see our terms and conditions on our service page.

If you require the car for any other circumstances please feel free to call us and we can plan an itinerary for your needs.

Q. Can we use the car to transport the brides mother and bridesmaids first?

Yes we can however this can cause problems unless the journey from your start location to the ceremony location is close.

However if the journey is over 15 minutes travel time the brides mother shall have to leave 45 minutes to an hour before the ceremony start time. This can be inconvenient as they will be there before everyone else. This much time will be required to get the car back for the bride. Also there is a chance of getting stuck in traffic causing timing problems and in bad weather the car could be dirty before the bride gets in it.

So unless the locations are close together we would recommend against this.

Q. Can we view the car before making a decision on booking?

We strongly recommend you coming to view the car before you book. The best way to see our car is in the flesh. At this point you can get a feel for the car and decide if its the right car for you. Avoiding any disappointment on the day.

Q. Can other people travel in the car as well?

Of course the car can carry up to four passengers (three in the back and one in the front). We will not exceed our cars carrying capacity for insurance and safety reasons.

Q. Can children travel in the car?

We are able to carry children but we need this to be arranged well in advance. New laws came in to power during 2006. Since then all children less than 12 years of age have to use the correct child seat or booster cushion.

When in the car we are responsible for all our passengers.

The laws state:

Cars legally exempt from having seat belts fitted (mostly old cars), can have children over 3 years of age travelling in the back seat without their child restraint.

Children under 3 years can not travel in any vehicle without the correct child restraint. These can not be fitted to cars with no seat belts so we are unable to carry any children of this age.

At Class Act Cars passenger safety is priority. We have to know in advance about any under 12's travelling in the car in advance. We will not carry any unknown under 12’s on the day.

They can of course have photos taken in the car when it is parked.

Q. Can we change the itinerary on the day?

With in reason, it's your wedding day. However this is as long as it is only slight changes over the preplanned itinerary. If there are things you want different before the day it would be much better to call us before the day as to make all parties aware of exactly what is required.

Q. Do you provide a champagne service with the car?

We can provide a drink's service for your needs for more information see the prices section of our service page.

Q. Are the chauffeurs uniformed?

Yes the chauffeur can be fully uniformed or alternatively in just a smart suit.

Q. Is the car going to attend other wedding on the same day

Absolutely not. The car does only one wedding per day. That way its exclusively yours for the day.

Q. Can we make a booking over the phone?

You are more than welcome to make a preliminary booking over the phone. We shall hold the day open for you for ten days during which time we shall wait for a deposit to confirm the booking.

Q.How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £50 and we require this within ten days of the booking. If after this time we have not received it we shall make the day available to other people.

Q. When does the balance need to be paid?

Within ten working days of the wedding. We regret that we will not except cash on the day.

Q. Do your prices include VAT?

Yes our prices include VAT.

Q. What payment options do you accept?

Cash, Cheque or banks drafts. We regret that we do not offer card payment services.

Q. We are looking for the best deal is there any discount?

At Class Act Cars we feel we are offering an exceptional car at very competitive rates. There are many people offering cheaper wedding transportation but we feel for a car and a service of this quality we are offering superb value.

Q. What happens if the car becomes unserviceable or breaks down before the wedding day?

Every effort is made to keep our car in perfect working order, If something goes wrong we make every attempt to repair the car in time. however if it becomes unserviceable before the wedding day we shall refund you in full instantly.

Q. What happens if the car breaks down on the day?

We recommend a well organised back up plan for this unlikely situation. there are more details of this on our service page.

Q. Can we book the car for collecting the bride and groom at the end of the night?

Sadly not as we try and avoid driving our old car in dark conditions.



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